Phase IV: Bidding & Negotiation

At the beginning of the Bidding & Negotiation Phase, we help you develop a list of qualified contractors for your bid list and submit bid packages to the selected bidders. This phase generally includes the overall administration of the bidding process, reviewing bidder qualifications, analyzing bids if multiple bids are submitted and evaluating any proposed substitutions for cost considerations, issuance of addenda and assisting you with finalizing the selection of the contractor(s) that will ultimately construct the project. While the decision of which company to choose is ultimately yours, having the advice of experienced professionals is invaluable. This part of the process can be stressful, but with the professional guidance of Imagine Architecture P.C. you can rest assured that you will have a firm that will work in your best interest.

How Does the Bidding Process Work?

Bidding & Negotiation is a two-step process which, as the name suggests, begins with bidding and ends with negotiating a contract price with one of the selected Construction firms to construct the work. This phase may coincide with the Construction Document Phase or possibly during the Design Development Phase depending on the type of project and degree of complexity involved with the design elements and details. When it comes time to review the bids, it is important to consider the construction firm that has the strongest history of satisfied clients and a list of successfully completed work which displays a dedication to quality and workmanship.

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What Does Negotiation Involve?

After selecting the company that best matches your vision, budget and goals, it is time to negotiate their contract. During the negotiation phase, there will be a period of details and costs being evaluated with the construction company in order to finalize an agreed upon cost of construction. We will assist you with refining details of the Owner & Contractor contract in an attempt to secure the best possible deal for their services. Negotiation can be stressful; not everyone possesses this skill, which is why having a member of our team present can be enormously helpful. The negotiation process is something we are used to, so we can work alongside you to create a contract that suits your budget and places your needs first.

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Choosing the right Contractor...

Choosing the right Contractor to construct your project can be cumbersome, but with Imagine Architecture P.C.'s help the process is simplified with the experience and skill to guide you through the entire process. We have extensive experience with the bidding process and we have worked along side with many experienced construction companies around the area. With our professional experience, we would guide you through the process providing you with insight into the benefits of various construction companies. Because of our commitment to understanding your project inside and out and advise on the pros and cons of each potential Contractor. We are best suited to administer this process because, as your Architect, we know the drawings in detail and are able to provide the most clear advice for any interpretations of the bid documents, clarify any particular details and address any concerns conveyed by Contractors. We can offer alternative options to save cost on construction and we are able to compare bidders costs through our unique bid analysis process. Go To Phase V: Construction Administration

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