Imagine Architecture

that transforms client goals and needs into creative architectural solutions.

that is a finely orchestrated balance between responsible building and stimulating design

that is sensitive to site and context and fuses form and function.

Imagine Architecture P.C.

provides a complete line of architectural services for large or small scale construction projects and is recognized for reliable technical expertise and design excellence. We have successfully managed a diverse range of residential projects; interior partial or gut alterations, existing home renovations, new ground-up construction and even DOB filing submissions.

Imagine Architecture P.C. seeks to integrate superior architectural solutions through a variety of Architectural Services.

Imagine Architecture P.C. will work with you through every phase of your project, depending on your needs, to ensure a smooth process from start to finish for your entire project. We will meet with you to discuss the services you may need from us during an initial consultation meeting. After discussing the scope of work for your project and the services we offer, we would prepare a proposal for your consideration. Below you will find descriptions of each phase of a typical project, so it may help you to have a better understanding how our architectural services work for each phase and how we can best collaborate to fit the needs of your particular project.

  • Real Estate Pre-Purchase Consultation & Advisement
      • Real Estate Brokers - Save time by hiring us to go with you to your open houses or appointments providing our professional on-site guidance and advisement. As you ask yourself those questions, "Can that wall be moved?," "Is that a structural element or just a boxed-out beam?," "Are there any potential zoning or building restrictions limiting renovation or expansion options?"
      • Home Buyers- We will help guide you through your potential home selections and offer first-hand design considerations & consultation so you can make better informed decisions on which home is the best fit for you.
  • Project Consultation
  • Zoning and Air Rights Analyses, Reports & Filings
  • Building Feasibility Studies & Cost Analysis
  • Co-Op Board & Building Review Process
  • Department of Buildings (DOB)
      • Specialize with New York City DOB filings
  • Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) Filings and Pre-Considerations
  • Energy Code Analysis, Reports & Inspections
  • Multiple Dwelling Law (MDL) code review and interpretations
  • Interior Planning & Design

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Imagine Architecture P.C.The Process...

Hiring An Architect:

When planning any type of extensive renovation or new home construction project, an Owner should always consider engaging with an Architect to provide Architectural Services whenever possible. Your Architect has the intimate knowledge and is uniquely trained for how to work with Contractors throughout the construction process. Architects understand the implications of what the construction process requires and are able to facilitate a well-built project for the most reasonable cost. continue reading more...

The Values of an Architect:

As an Architect designs, he/she is always balancing form with function while maintaining forward progress in conjunction with any cost considerations to keep your Project on track. Whether a new or existing home, your Architect can be counted on to arrive at the most creative and cost effective solutions. He/She is professionally trained to successfully blend your desired style with its time-placed functionality, organizing proper spacial sequencing for experiential continuity, and finally maintaining the overall aesthetic quality of the project. continue reading more...

An Architect Helps Your Budget:

If you are considering on hiring an Architect, in addition to their intimate knowledge of construction and familiarity with the costs of materials and labor, your Architect has the ability to look at a Project, holistically or in any part therein, allowing them to anticipate most of the foreseeable issues and potential construction conflicts that may arise during any phase of the project. If last minute decisions need to be made (which there will be plenty of during the course of a Project), your Architect is able to refine or modify any part of a building, make any material changes or adjusting connections ...continue reading more...

Time, Cost & Quality:

The main reason for lower costs is mostly in part due to the reductions in quality and complexity on a Project. The Owner should understand that simply by lowering your baseline cost of construction to meet a budget allowance, would directly lead to lower quality of materials in a home. But Owners, who have hired Architects, benefit from their quality control throughout the entire design process. More than any other person on the Project, the Architect is able to evaluate the design, materials, planning and spacial layouts in order to assist with maintaining the overall quality and aesthetics of a Project. continue reading more...