The Department of Buildings Its Role In Your Project

The Department of Buildings or, by its common name, The "DOB" will more than likely play a critical role in your project. Whether you are a current homeowner or planning to buy an existing home, being aware of your building's condition up front will allow for better planning down the road. If you are planning to renovate an existing building or home, you need to be informed ahead of time if it is up to current building code or if it has existing non-conforming issues that may need to be dealt with to gain approval by your local DOB. If you are constructing a new home, the local government agencies will play a more prominent role in your project. You may be dealing with multiple agencies, including but not limited to, the Department of Buildings, Architectural Review Board, Site Plan Review Board, Zoning Review Board, Department of Health, Department of Transportation, just to name a few. Imagine Architecture P.C. has extensive experience with handling local municipalities throughout New York and certain areas in Connecticut. We specialize with filing submissions at the New York City Department of Buildings, Zoning and Landmarks Preservation Commission.

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The DOB Can Impact Your Budget

While preparing your initial budget for your project, did you remember to include the costs to file your work with The DOB? In New York City, for example, whether you have a small or large renovation, the entire filing process with the NYC DOB can cost you around $5,000 - $10,000 including filing consultants, 3rd party inspections, DOB filing fees, Asbestos & Lead inspections and possibly other agency approvals for the same renovation. You will probably have multiple permits being pulled, even for simple kitchen or bathroom renovations. Typical permits required may be a construction, electrical, plumbing, mechanical or possibly a permit for sprinkler systems.

Will Your Project Require Filing?

More Than Likely, Yes. If you are demolishing a wall, constructing a new wall relocating door openings, changing the size of any bedroom(s), moving plumbing fixtures in a bathroom or updating a kitchen with relocated fixtures and/or cabinetry , you are required to file for a permit.

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