Renovation Cost Factors:

In the construction industry, the Architect is the professional who represents the Owner to provide services to insure that the homeowner receives the quality of work expected for the cost of job. Owners should consider engaging their architect from conception of the Work through completion of construction whenever possible. The Architect has the intimate knowledge and is uniquely trained for how to work with Contractors throughout the construction process. Architects understand the implications of what the construction process requires and are able to facilitate a well-built project for the most reasonable cost.

Owners will have certain elevated expectations in terms of size, materials, features and quality for their custom designed home, and when you combine these factors with the location, topography, geology, desired features, materials, size, etc., an Architect is best suited to handle everything based upon their qualified experience and the fact that they are specifically trained to do so. There are many types of costs for building construction, which may vary according to complexity.Cost estimating resources such as R.S. Means are usually typically too generalized regarding the specialized world of custom home costs. The main reason for lower costs is mostly in part due to the reductions in quality and complexity on a Project. The Owner should understand that simply by lowering your baseline cost of construction to meet a budget allowance, would directly lead to lower quality of materials in a home. Other renovation cost factors, which may contribute to additional costs, can be attributed to unknown, uncovered or unforeseen conditions unique to a particular site.

Once discovered, it would ultimately require your Architect to revise associated drawings or specifications. Our goal is to make you, as the Owner, aware of anticipated conditions or conflicts, which may arise during the construction process. You should have an expectation that any renovation project may have a variety changes and therefore will typically require some additional time in order for your Architect to incorporate any critical changes into the Work.

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