An Architect Helps Your Budget...

When an Architect puts pen to paper or mouse to screen, he/she has the ability to look at a Project holistically or with any component therein. While designing, your Architect is able to anticipate a range of unanticipated or foreseeable issues or potential construction conflicts that could otherwise be overlooked by others. Ultimately resulting in a larger cost savings realized during the course of the construction process.

An Architect will help formulate a realistic budget range for your project costs. They are capable of advising you on the pros & cons of potential changes or other alternatives, which would help, adjust to align with any budget constraints you may have for your total budget cost. If you are concerned about maintaining the overall quality of your project, while maintaining your budget, your Architect is the best suited professional to make any necessary changes which would further meet with your budget needs.

Through the process of developing the schematic drawings An Architect is able to incorporate the unique conditions of your site or of an existing building and immediately work through general known issues or other obstructions while they develop their drawings. In addition to an Architect's familiarity with the construction process and general knowledge of associated construction costs, offering the Owner additional insight into expected cost ranges and further help an Owner gauge some general costs and acceptable ranges to apply to your overall budget costs.

Your Architect is Your Advocate.

Your Architect has the intimate knowledge and is professionally trained in working hand-in-hand with Contractors, administering the construction process and coordinating all parties to or engaged with to provide services for the Project. Your Architect understands the implications of what the construction process requires and will offer necessary architectural services in order to construct your project for the most reasonable cost. Your Architect is your advocate and is the person who represents and acts on behalf of the Owner with their builders, providing value-added services to insure that the homeowner receives the quality of work expected at the construction cost agreed upon under the contract with the General Contractor.

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