Phase I: Schematic Design

When working with Imagine Architecture P.C., we will explore your goals and needs for your project and collaborate with you through The Schematic Design Phase. This Phase generally sets the overall pace for the project and will dictate how the rest of the project will proceed. Once your Program has been established and agreed upon, we will begin the Schematic Design Phase. We would create two to three design options and present them to you in the form of hand or digital sketches to help you better visualize the concept plans for consideration.

What is Schematic Design?

Schematic design is part of the initial planning process, and takes place after we have discussed your overall objectives for your project. After selecting the ideal design option that you like to move forward with, we would begin the process of refining the design by preparing schematic documents which generally consist of drawings and other documents illustrating the scale and relationship of the overall building or space planning design. This phase offers you the opportunity to see how your vision has been interpreted and developed by us. Once the initial planning is complete, there will be a period of time for you to make any final adjustments or changes to the design before going on to the next phase, Design Development.

Imagine Architecture P.C. 3D Rendering

The Importance of Schematic Design

The Schematic Design Phase is an essential part of the architectural process. Not only does it present itself as the first chance to see how your proposed design will look, but also, it will give you a sense of how it holds up to the image you had in your mind. Once our design has been created for you, we can start to evaluate your budget costs for the project based upon the overall building dimensions, size of spaces, and the general complexity of the structure or methods of construction undertaken. The ultimate design will derive from a combination of numerous factors, spanning budget, environment and our architectural vision.

How Imagine Architecture P.C. Makes A Difference...

If you are seeking a talented architectural firm, for projects located in New York or Connecticut to provide architectural services for your project, look no further. Our firm has extensive experience with residential projects of all sizes and complexities, making us uniquely qualified to offer the professional services, quality designs, and overall collaborative experience for our clients. If you would like to know more about the services you may need, please contact us today.